Empowering Future Educators: Abby Heimann’s Scholarship Story

I hope that someday I’m in a position where I can help future students because I know the impact that it has on students like myself…”

Abby Heimann’s pursuit of a degree in secondary education was achievable because of a scholarship provided by the UNO Alumni Association. 

Heimann grew up in the small town of Wakefield, Nebraska, and graduated from high school in a class of 40 students. When searching for the ideal college to pursue a degree in secondary education, she decided to attend the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Several facilities were recently updated, safe and secure dormitories provides a unique practicum experience.

Once committed to UNO, the only question left was one many students ask themselves: How do I pay for college? Heimann was concerned about accruing debt while gaining a degree in a field not known for its high earning potential.  

Fortunately, Heimann was awarded the prestigious UNO Alumni Association Scholarship and accepted into the Teacher Scholars Academy. These substantial scholarships, paired with others, have made it possible for Heimann to attend college debt-free.  

Being able to commit her time to schoolwork and practicum hours has provided Heimann with valuable college experience. Throughout her academic journey, she has accumulated 150 hours of practical experience in high school classrooms. 

“To be able to be fully involved in that practicum experience was important for me, and I was able to do that because of the financial support that I received from the donors,” said Heimann. 

Now a junior, Heimann credits her success in the program to the funding she received early on. Beyond financial support, members of the UNO Alumni Association have provided advice that has helped Heimann navigate her college experience.  

Heimann recognizes the impact these organizations have had on her educational journey and aspires to do the same for future students.  

I hope that someday I’m in a position where I can help future students because I know the impact that it has on students like myself,” said Heimann.  

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