Wear Black, Give Back Gifts Fuel Maverick Maniacs Energy

You don’t have to look hard to find the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s biggest fans.

The students involved in Maverick Maniacs can be seen sporting their red-and-black bibs and using their contagious energy to create a unique game-day environment for UNO sporting events throughout the year.

Maverick Maniacs president Casey Wells, a multidisciplinary studies major from Omaha, said the club works hard to motivate and energize the UNO community for all its sporting events. In doing so, she said the club has become a team of its own.

“We try to be loud and proud and help spread the positivity to the players,” she said. “Students involved in Maverick Maniacs always have a spirited personality, and it’s not only just for sports and athletics. They’re very positive people to be around.”

Wells said gifts made to the club during Wear Black, Give Back help fuel the Maniacs’ energy. Funds raised during the giving day help the club purchase T-shirts and bibs for students, cover new-member fees and even assist with travel costs for away games.

All of this translates into a unique game-day experience that can be found only at UNO.

“Wear Black, Give Back definitely provides us with more opportunities than we would usually have,” she said. “I’m so thankful for our donors. Not only are they helping our group, but I think they’re also helping UNO in general by helping to provide school spirit and hyping up other events and student organizations on campus.”

That infectious experience drew Wells to the Maniacs as a student. In the beginning, she didn’t see herself as a dedicated Mavericks fan, but her love for the school and its athletics only grew as she became more involved in the Maniacs.

“It’s going to sound cheesy, but Maverick Maniacs kind of gave me a college purpose,” she said.

Before the Maniacs, Wells said her routine was to work, go to school and go home. Getting involved in Maverick Maniacs pushed Wells to become more involved in campus life. Ultimately, Wells said, her experience with Maverick Maniacs has been transformational.

“It made a difference by giving me more confidence in myself,” she said. “When you put yourself around positive people and just create those friendships, you kind of want to become a better person. I feel like I’ve discovered myself as a person since joining the Maniacs.”

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